Have you ever wondered why those trendy baby food diets are so alluring?  If you have ever made or tasted fresh, delicious foods like this one, you will see why!  This is a fun alternative to typical apple sauce, and is amazing when the fruit is in season.  Using frozen fruit is an option.  You can also substitute other fruits: plums, nectarines, and mangos all work well too.

Ingredients:  Fresh peaches (or other fruit), plain Greek yogurt, cinnamon, nutmeg


  1.  Peel peaches (or other fruit), dice into pieces, and place in a pot on the stove.
  2. Add enough water to cover fruit.
  3. Boil until tender.
  4. You may want to cool in the fridge before pureeing, or keep warm.
  5. Enjoy your plain peach sauce OR add a dollop of plain Greek yogurt (0% for you, full fat for your little one under age 2) and sprinkle with cinnamon and nutmeg.
  6. Serve warm if desired.


  • Fresh Peaches (Or Other Fruit)<br /><br />
  • Plain Greek Yogurt<br /><br />
  • Cinnamon<br /><br />
  • Nutmeg<br /><br />
  1. Peel Peaches (Or Other Fruit), Dice Into Pieces, And Place In A Pot On The Stove.

  2. Add Enough Water To Cover Fruit.

  3. Boil Until Tender.

  4. You May Want To Cool In The Fridge Before Pureeing, Or Keep Warm.

  5. Enjoy Your Plain Peach Sauce OR Add A Dollop Of Plain Greek Yogurt (0% For You, Full Fat For Your Little One Under Age 2) And Sprinkle With Cinnamon And Nutmeg.

  6. Serve Warm If Desired.