Weight Loss + Beauty

Whether you are looking to slim down, build muscle, achieve glowing skin, or heal from an injury/surgery, it all starts with what you put into your body.

Robin’s Specialties

weight Loss

Take the weight off and keep it off for good by creating changes that will improve your lifestyle in the long run.  Our approach is to set small, attainable goals one at a time for sustainable success. We begin with a thorough Nutrition Assessment, including health, nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle analysis, and create a follow-up schedule with in-person, phone, and email contact to address questions and concerns so you can stay focused.

Tracking Process

Our weight management program also includes Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) testing, Food Journaling, and Body Composition Analysis to measure progress. These tools are beneficial for clients with weight loss or weight gain goals (changes in muscle and fat mass can be tracked). Grocery store tours, online food shopping, menu assistance, and cooking lessons are also available.

Detoxification Diets

Achieve a balanced and nutritionally complete detoxification regimen to meet your daily nutrient needs, while clarifying your body and mind. These diets can help eliminate toxins in your body from food and environmental elements like water and air. Those who have had repeated antibiotic therapy, a large amount of stress, or suffer from an autoimmune disease or allergy symptoms will also benefit from this program.

Weight Gain

Learn which foods are best to build muscle without putting on excess fat mass. Determine the right amount of calories to add in order to add lean muscle. Rebuild your strength while recovering from sickness, a medical illness, eating disorder, or surgical procedures. You will look and feel better.




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