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The 4th of July is behind us, but the summer barbecue season is still in full swing.  Let’s not forget about the sweet endings.

You don’t have to skip dessert!  For some, a barbecue is not complete without a sweet finish, which brings us to desserts.  Pies and cakes can topple any healthy BBQ or diet plan, so make sure you are providing alternative options throughout every course.  Grilled or fresh fruit topped with fat-free yogurt is a great treat; try pineapple, peaches, mangoes, or papayas on the grill.  Chocolate covered fruit and frozen fruit are also great desserts and snacks.  Instead of serving ice cream, use frozen yogurt with fruit toppings.   Serve large slices of watermelon, cantaloupe, or honeydew, or serve a large mixed berry and fruit salad.  The popularity of this item may surprise you!

Crumble Tip. Instead of making a pie, try a crumble.  It has less sugar and butter, but still tastes great.   When selecting a fruit, choose and in-season berry to make your dessert even more mouthwatering.  The website 20 Low fat desserts has a list of 20 great, low calorie dessert recipes.  Check out the apple fig compote, as it is divine!

Refreshing Drinks:  We have been hit with a heat wave this summer and it is important that there is always enough water and fluids available.  It is common for children and the elderly to not recognize signs of thirst and easily become dehydrated. 

Water Alternatives:  There are many individuals who do not enjoy the taste of water and turn to beverages that contain empty sugar calories:  soda, iced tea, lemonade, sports drinks, and fruit juices.  Here are some clever inexpensive ways to give water a makeover that everyone will love.  Serve pitchers of fruit infused iced water, or “aguas frescas.  One pitcher could be sliced cucumbers with mint and lime and another with sliced lemon, oranges, andstrawberries.   Click here for a great recipe:  Peach Aquas Frescas.

Remember that BBQs are wonderful summer traditions that can easily be made over into healthy food festivities.  Try these recipes out and let me know what you think.

Share any healthy BBQ recipe that you love!