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Welcome to a new week of Robin Recommends, and the last one of 2020! We’ve gotten through the holidays with New Year’s ahead of us, and I’m back this week to share another roundup of favorite recipes, snacks, local spots, gift ideas, and more. Read on for more of my favorites to help you kick start the new year! Note that most of these items are also shoppable on my Amazon storefront.

1. Cocojune Yogurt

I LOVE this yogurt so much! It’s made with all natural ingredients, with no added sugars, gums or fillers, and there isn’t a strong coconut flavor (if that’s something that usually makes you avoid coconut-based yogurt). This a great dairy-free option for adults and kids alike, who may have dairy allergies or sensitivities. It contains vegan probiotics so it is great for the gut and digestion.  It’s like a blank canvas that will take on any flavor you add to it. I enjoy mine on top of fruit, toast, or oatmeal for breakfast. Want a savory flavor? Top your next baked potato with this yogurt and some Everything but the Bagel Seasoning. If you aren’t into the plain flavor, they have several different (super unique) flavors, including strawberry rhubarb, lemon elderflower, and vanilla chamomile as well. Tag me in your next Cocojune creation!

2. Fjord Fish Market

Fjord Fish Market has several locations including Manhattan, Larchmont NY, Darian, Greenwich, New Canaan, Park Slope, and Westport. They have the freshest, best tasting wild-caught fish.  It is great to seek out wild-caught fish when you can, as these fish aren’t as prone to disease and illness, aren’t given antibiotics, and their habitat is as natural as possible!) Fjord also offers sushi, and you can grab sides, salads, sauces, and even chips, snacks, and desserts to complete a meal or dinner party. They also offer many platters and meals for catering as well. It’s a great one-stop shop, and I am there at least once a week in Westport!

3. Siete Taco Seasoning

In addition to their taco shells, queso, hot sauce, and tortillas, Siete makes amazing taco seasoning! This is such a great staple to keep in the kitchen to make seasoning meat, beans, tofu, and veggies for tacos very easy! I love this one as many others have added sugars, preservatives, and aren’t made with natural seasonings and spices. Siete offers mild and spicy versions, and are very transparent about their ingredients – for example, the mild version is made with chile powder, sea salt, ground dates, tomato powder, garlic powder, nutritional yeast, cumin, onion flakes, cassava flour, cream of tartar, black pepper, and parsley. Very natural and simple – no ingredients, stabilizers, or preservatives whose names you can’t pronounce! Right now you can buy these on Siete’s website!

4. Virtue Smooth Shampoo & Conditioner

This is one of my favorite clean shampoo lines – I love it because it’s free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, colors, and dyes (all of those are not so great for your hair), and their products are super nourishing and smoothing. They have a couple of different product lines, including the Recovery line, the Fullness line, and the Smooth line, as well as self-care kits that come with a hair mask, comb, clarifying shampoo, split end serum, and leave-in conditioner. These also make great gifts and you can get them on Amazon! I’ve been using the Smooth Line, and the scent itself Is divine! Like a mild, refreshing lavender/mint/lemon.

That’s all for this edition! Check back next week for more of what I recommend, and make sure to read last week’s blog, if you missed it!