RE-Entry With Robin

Summer 2021

Two LIVE Zooms for education, group support, and Q & A

Robin’s Rules for making healthy choices

Grocery List
Snack List

Meal plan with breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas

Vitamin and supplement suggestions

Access to Robin’s Food and Lifestyle Journals, to be reviewed by Robin

Online access time Robin for all questions and concerns
Online group support to maximize success

Feel free to reach out with any and all questions.

US $40.00

Project Plant Positive

We are positive you will enjoy this plant-based 21-day meal plan!
Hello from Michelle and Robin, a Dentist and Dietitian, two Moms living in Westport, CT.

We would like to introduce you to our Project Plant-Positive: a 21-day plant-based diet, complete with detailed recipes, full meal plans, shopping lists, and a few of our best tricks and tips to help you succeed.

We know plant-based eating is on-trend right now: everyone from Hollywood to professional sports is diving into this way of eating.

The thing is, it’s not new: Research has always shown that whole foods, fiber, fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes have positive effects on health.

US $100.00

Revive with Robin

Meal Prep Perfection at HOME

Six days of healthy & easy meals.
Balanced recipes & snack ideas adjustable amounts to feed families.
Grocery lists with all you need
30-minute Nutrition Consult with Robin

If you want.
Help with nutrition
Guidance with cooking
Structure in meals
An easy solution
Delicious meals

This plan is for you!!